20 May 2024
Monday, May 20, 2024

The competitions of the first edition of Universities Basketball League 2023 for men& women were concluded  on high note at the Qatar Foundation Sport Arena on Wednesday , with an incredible participation from different Universities in Qatar.

The 2023 Universities Basketball League was  organised by the Qatar Collegiate Sports Federation (QCSF) in cooperation with the Qatar Basketball Federation  (QBF) from mid of February to 15th  of March, in an  environment that full of a fair play, sportsmanship and mutual respect.

Most notably, Universities Basketball League is the first domestic competition in the QCSF’s calendar for the sport season 2023. In this regard, the Organizing Committee left no stone unturned to put all FIBA’s  applicable rules and regulations  in place during  the preliminary, knockout and final stages of this league.

This thirty-day long tournament received  a big turnout , impressed by everyone and  students from different Universities, Colleges and High institutes , they  spared no effort to display their skills and talents in the game with purpose to step up the podium.

In the Men’s Youth  final,  University of Doha For Science and  Technology team dominated to claim the gold medal and first place,  Qatar University team snatched  the runner-up place and sliver medal, while the bronze medal and third place went to Texas A&M University Team.

In the Women’s Youth final, University of Doha For Science and  Technology team again took the top honour and gold medal, Georgetown University team (Qatar) won the second place and the  sliver medal , while   Northwestern University in Qatar clinched the third place and bronze medal.

At the medal ceremony that  attended by QCSF’s board members and students , the QCSF Secretary General, Mr. Rashid Adiba crowned  the top three teams in every category. 

In a post- tournament statement , Mr. Rashid said QCSF will always keep doing its best to set up a line foundation for University sport sector  by organizing  a series of sport activities and no delay to be a part of , or react,  to all sport and community events annually organized by Qatar. It is worth mentioning that 2023 Universities Cricket League competitions are right now running  from 25th February to 18th  of March at the Qatar Foundation Cricket ground .


Second edition of Universities Volleyball Championship

Student Centre arena (Multaqa) - Qatar Foundation

Sunday, May 12, 2024

19:15 - 20:30


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