3 December 2023
Sunday, December 03, 2023
Stimulating athletic competition
Between the students in higher education institutions
Promotion of sports activities
For thee students in the universities, colleges and institutes of the State of Qatar
Raising the level of university sports
In Qatar locally, regionally and globally

Qatar Collegiate Sports Federation

Promotion of sports in higher education institutions
Our Message
Enhancing sports activities for male and female students in higher education institutions from universities, colleges and institutes in the State of Qatar, enhancing sports competition between them, discovering and enhancing talented students in sports; to raise the level of university sports in the country locally, regionally and globally.
Vision & Values
Higher education institutions with sport leadership in regional and global forums. Participation, transparency, justice, excellence, competition.
Desired Goals
The aim of the Federation is to advance sports in higher education institutions by working to develop its activities and events, in accordance with the best international standards and following them up in the field to achieve its objectives and vision, organizing, coordinating, and implementing sports projects, programs and activities among its members and working to propagate for them
Chairman's Message

Latest News

Qatar University team secured their second consecutive win in QCSF University Cricket Tournament competitions of the sport season 2023-2024 held at Qatar Foundation playgrounds last week. Qatar University team won last Sunday game after withdrawal of opponents Georgetown University in Qatar, while Texas A&M University sealed 102-66 victory over Hamad bin Khalifa University in the second game. Fifth week of QCSF University basketball has seen tough games , University of Doha for Science and Technology ensured a 43-18 win over Northwestern University in Qatar in the first game and Georgetown University in Qatar defeated Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts Qatar 16-11 in the second game. Texas A&M University team kept its impressive performance in the Men’s basketball, secured a convincing 58-25 win over Hamad Bin Khalifa University, on the same track of amazing performance, University of Doha for Science and Technology edged out Georgetown University in Qatar 80-46. In the men’s football contest, University of Doha for Science and Technology thrashed CUC Ulster University- Qatar 11-1 , as Qatar University got better of Weill Cornell Medicine 5-0 in the second game and Lusail University ensured a narrow 1-0 victory over Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar.
Friday, December 01, 2023 News
The competitions of the QCSF University basketball, football, cricket tournaments of the sport season 2023-2024 continued on high note for the fourth week at the playgrounds of University of Doha for Science and Technology and Qatar Foundation. In the fourth week competitions , students produced impressive performance in basketball event, where University of Doha for Science and Technology defeated Hamad bin Khalifa University 88-27, Georgetown University in Qatar edged out Northwestern University in Qatar 38-23, Texas A&M University at Qatar got better of Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar 39-28 and Global Studies Institute(GSI) Qatar defeated Qatar University 80-76. In the men’s football event, University of Doha for Science and Technology secured a convincing 4-2 victory over Texas A&M University, Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar beat Hamad Bin Khalifa University 6-1, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar sealed a 4-2 victory over American University of Afghanistan and Texas A&M University secured a big 9-0 win over Northwestern University in Qatar. Students kept their high note performance in the men’s cricket event, Qatar University defeated Texas A&M University 125-67 and American University of Afghanistan outclassed Hamad Bin Khalifa University 132-99.
Friday, November 24, 2023 News
Geneva, Switzerland – The General Assembly Meeting of International University Sports Federation (FISU ) has unanimously approved the Qatar Collegiates Sports Federation (QCSF) as a member no (165) to join the FISU family officially on Saturday, during FISU GA meeting that ran from 17th to 18th , November in Switzerland city of Geneva. FISU welcomed Qatar as a new member and QCSF President, Dr. Ibrahim Bin Saleh Al-Naimi thanked FISU for confidence in QCSF. He called on for importance of building up better relations between all FISU members, said that with hard work we can achieve our goals and develop values of peace, love and friendship between us. At this meeting, Mr. Leonz Eder has been elected as a FISU President in attendance of FISU members , including QCSF as a new member , besides monitors from FISU and from continental and national University sport federations. Over two days , the FISU General Assembly meetings approved the general budget, reviewed Executive Committee program , shed lights on annual reports of the committees, elected a new Executive Committee and set up mechanisms to make University activities sustainable across the world. The QCSF was represented in these FISU meetings by the QCSF President Dr. Ibrahim Saleh Al-Naimi, Dr. Salem Nasser Al Naimi, President of University of Doha for Science and Technology and the QCSF board member and the QCSF Secretary General, Mr. Rashid Saeed Adiba., On this occasion, the QCSF President Dr. Ibrahim Bin Saleh Al-Naimi congratulated H.E the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) President, Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al Thani and H.E the QOC Secretary General, Mr. Jassim Rashid Al Buenain on this achievement and said getting this international membership is a significant step to give Qatar sports more presence at all regional, continental and international levels. This membership is going to take QCSF to new grounds of better cooperation with others at international scene. It will help improving our experience and staff in how to manage sport events” added Dr. Al-Naimi. For his part, the QCSF Secretary General, Mr. Rashid Saeed Adiba thanked FISU General Assembly members for their confidence in the QCSF and its contributions in supporting the activities and programs of FISU. By getting this FISU membership, the QCSF has joined all federations , starting from AUSF membership followed by Arab University Sports Federation membership and now FISU.
Saturday, November 18, 2023 News


Second edition of Universities Basketball Tournament

Qatar Foundation Arena &UDST Sports Arena

Sunday, January 28, 2024

10:00 - 20:30


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