19 July 2024
Friday, July 19, 2024

The Qatar Collegiate Sports Federation (QCSF) has announced the launch of its Sport Season 2023-2024 during an event that held at Qatar Foundation on Sunday , the event has also seen the kick off of Universities Basketball Tournament to be held from 15th October 2023 to 28th of January 2024.

At this launch event, the QCSF Secretary General, Mr. Rashid Saeed Adiba has delivered a detailed presentation on the QCSF’s activities, events and tournaments and its participation during this season attended by teams representatives of participating universities, colleges and high institutes.

Mr. Adiba thanked all the vital elements in QCSF family, namely students, high education institutions, partners and sponsors for their collective efforts last year and hopeful that all these elements will open new chapter of excellence and achievement in this season

This QCSF new season calendar , includes six group sports , eight individual sports and will see the QCSF participation in the Qatar Olympic Committee winter championships , padel, shooting and beach volleyball.

Most of the QCSF championships shown in this calendar will take place at sport facilities and indoors of well-known high education institutions, like Qatar Foundation, Qatar University, University of Doha for Science & Technology and Global Studies Institute.
The QCSF new sport season will get underway with key group sports of high popularity among students community, which are football and basketball in October 2023.

In November, 2023, the QCSF’s sport activities will increase as the federation will organize one of its key events , Universities Athletics Tournament , followed by the QCSF Universities Bowling Tournament in December 2023.

Activities will keep going in the new year, where QCSF will organize Universities volleyball and chess tournaments in January, 2024. February month will see two QCSF events , Universities 3×3 basketball tournament and Universities Badminton tournament.

The QCSF will organize three events in March , 2024 , including Universities Futsal Tournament, Universities table tennis tournament and Universities E-sports Tournament.

The closing stages of the QCSF sport events calendar will see two tournaments, University Tennis tournament in April and Universities swimming tournament in May, 2024.

On this occasion, the QCSF President Dr. Ibrahim Bin Saleh Al-Naimi said, : “ I’m truly happy to announce to our dear students and our educational institutions this calendar of sport season 2023-2024 in a new look, hopefully we keep going ahead to build up high education institutions that will play a center stage role in the sports at both regional and global levels.

“Our promising start last season 2022-2023, was full of all standards of success at both performance and organization levels, now we spare no effort to boost sport activities and develop students skills in all sports in this new season”. Added Dr. Ibrahim Bin Saleh Al-Naimi.


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Second edition of Universities Volleyball Championship

Student Centre arena (Multaqa) - Qatar Foundation

Sunday, May 12, 2024

19:15 - 20:30


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