18 June 2024
Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The competitions of the QCSF University basketball, football, cricket tournaments of the sport season 2023-2024 continued on high note for the fourth week at the playgrounds of University of Doha for Science and Technology and Qatar Foundation.

In the fourth week competitions , students produced impressive performance in basketball event, where University of Doha for Science and Technology defeated Hamad bin Khalifa University 88-27, Georgetown University in Qatar edged out Northwestern University in Qatar 38-23, Texas A&M University at Qatar got better of Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar 39-28 and Global Studies Institute(GSI) Qatar defeated Qatar University 80-76.

In the men’s football event, University of Doha for Science and Technology secured a convincing 4-2 victory over Texas A&M University, Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar beat Hamad Bin Khalifa University 6-1, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar sealed a 4-2 victory over American University of Afghanistan and Texas A&M University secured a big 9-0 win over Northwestern University in Qatar.

Students kept their high note performance in the men’s cricket event, Qatar University defeated Texas A&M University 125-67 and American University of Afghanistan outclassed Hamad Bin Khalifa University 132-99.


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Second edition of Universities Volleyball Championship

Student Centre arena (Multaqa) - Qatar Foundation

Sunday, May 12, 2024

19:15 - 20:30


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