20 May 2024
Monday, May 20, 2024

Chengdu, China – Team Qatar has concluded its campaign in the 31st edition of the Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games Summer on high note on Tuesday . The games were held from July 28 to August 8, 2023 in the Chinese city of Chengdu.

Team Qatar fielded young names in three sports disciplines, including athletics, table tennis and taekwondo. Elhafiz Medani Mahadi and Hamdi Ali ( Athletics), Ahmed Mohammed Saadawi (table tennis) and Mohammed Samer Shalan, Maram Assam Fatnassi and Wadah Al-Ahmed ( Taekwondo).

These promising Qatari names have spared no effort and made waves at this big international sport gathering. The event brought together top strong teams with high excellence and experience in different sport disciplines.

In a post- event statement, the Qatar Collegiate Sports Federation (QCSF) President H.E Dr. Ibrahim Bin Saleh Al-Naimi has lauded team Qatar’s sport and technical performance in these games. He appreciated this participation and said it will develop talented youth who will be integral part of the national teams in the future.

Dr Al-Naimi thanked national sport federations and high education institutions for their technical and administrative effort they gave to the QCSF team in these games. He also thanked Chinese authorities for their warm hospitality and high standard- organization of this big sport event.

For his part, the QCSF Secretary General , Mr. Rashid Adiba said that experience has been earned from these game has given the youngsters a true chance to deal with environment of global competitions, getting more skills , share experiences with world young athletes.

Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games Summer have seen world youth teams who competed for two weeks in row, in 18 sport disciplines, including athletics, archery, badminton, basketball, diving, swimming, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, fencing, volleyball, tennis, shooting sport, taekwondo, table tennis, judo, rowing, water polo and wushu.


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Second edition of Universities Volleyball Championship

Student Centre arena (Multaqa) - Qatar Foundation

Sunday, May 12, 2024

19:15 - 20:30


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