20 May 2024
Monday, May 20, 2024

The competitions of the first Universities Football Tournament 2023 organized by the Qatar Collegiate Sports Federation (QCSF) in cooperation with the Qatar Football Association (QFA) from 3rd to 10th of May got underway on Wednesday with participation of a number of teams.

The Event’s opening day has seen high competitive games , full of sportsmanship at Qatar University stadium , where AFG Afgcollege with University of Aberdeen team has started their campaign with a convincing 7-3 victory over CUC- Ulster University in group A.

In group B first game , Qatar University team were held to 0-0 draw against University of Doha for Science & Technology , while in the same group second tie , Ahmed bin Mohammed Military College secured a big 5-1 win over Police Institute.

The participating teams have been distributed into two groups, group A, includes CUC-Ulster University , AFG Afgcollege with University of Aberdeen, Qatar Aeronautical Academy and Community College of Qatar, while group B brings together, Ahmed bin Mohammed Military College, Police Institute, University of Doha for Science & Technology , Qatar University and OUC, Qatar. Leaders and runner-up from each group will qualify to the knockout stage.

In a post-opening day statement, the QCSF Secretary General, Mr. Rashid Adiba said: we are truly happy of this promising start off of the Universities football tournament season 2022-2023 , hopefully students will keep going on the same rising pace in terms of performance and technical level.
“ The most popular game across the world and inside the country, hopefully can help the biggest number from high institutions students to improve their talent and skills in the game” added Mr. Adiba.


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Second edition of Universities Volleyball Championship

Student Centre arena (Multaqa) - Qatar Foundation

Sunday, May 12, 2024

19:15 - 20:30


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