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20 May 2024

There’s no better time to take your loved one on the special holiday than in the heart of Belgium. In the glistening marine environments of Brussels to the Middle ages beauty of Bruges, this country has it pretty much all.

Spend some quality time with each other in a delightful flower back garden

For earth-friendly lovers, head to Arboretum Kalmthout for that romantic date with the finest flowers you will find! Explore local Belgian crops and international flowers on a stroll throughout the gardens.

Embrace Bruges at 270 feet up on a head to of the Belfry

If you’re looking for a thing a little more bold, head to the tower above the city square in Bruges to find the city previously mentioned. Proceeding gasp intended for air because you walk 270 near-vertical measures, but the views will be worth their expense once it’s done.

A romantic break free of can be on a budget in Ghent

In northwest Belgium, Ghent is bursting with medieval engineering and beautiful canals, nevertheless big student population causes it to be the perfect place to have a romantic break without breaking the bank. Have a stroll through quaint cobbled roadways, enjoy a cacera boat drive or decide on a self-guided taking walks tour overnight for the best romantic encounter!

Eat like the people next door

When it comes to foodstuff in Belgium, there’s nothing quite like waffles dripping in decadent candy sauce or bowls of moules-frites. belgian women The country is likewise known for its beer, and you may test all sorts of delicious brews on the road to Brussels or Antwerp.


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